Founded in 2011, Tequesta Brewing Company is the destination for craft beer connoisseurs offering only the highest quality of craft beers in a wide variety of styles and flavors. Our intimate bar is never filled with strangers, only friends you haven't met. We are honored to have so many call our brewery "home," and we look forward to seeing you there.

What's On Tap

Afternoon Clouds

Robust Porter
7.4% ABV • 35 IBU

Der Chancellor

German Kolsch
5.3% ABV • 22 IBU


India Pale Ale
6.6% ABV • 69 IBU

Gnarly Barley

American Pale Ale
6.0% ABV • 42 IBU

Golden Boy

Hoppy Blonde Ale
5.4% ABV • 38 IBU

Hazy Daze

American Wheat Ale
4.3% ABV • 18 IBU

Momma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Brewers

Double IPA
8.9% ABV

Southern Dreams

New England Style IPA
7.1% ABV

Tasty Waves

Pastry Sour
4.3% ABV • 8 IBU

Tupac’s Alive

West Coast Pale Ale
6.2% ABV • 60 IBU

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What's Happening

Wednesday, July 24
  • 3:00 pm5:00 pm
    Cask Tapping

    Join us every Wednesday at 3 pm for the tapping of a new cask!

Friday, July 26
  • 6:00 pm9:00 pm
    Live Music: Brad Brock

    Pop and 90s hits

    Come hang out at TBC and enjoy the smooth sounds from Brad Brock. Influenced by John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Cat Stevens, Brad adds island flair to Top 40 hits, 90s jams, and pop music.

Saturday, July 27
  • 7:00 pm10:00 pm
    Live Music: Slip & The Spinouts


    Come rock out at TBC tonight with Slip and the Spinouts. Known for their "rockabilly, hillbilly-swing and blues" music, this band also puts its' rockabilly spin on hits from legends like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, and jams from more modern bands like The Black Keys.

Wednesday, July 31
  • 3:00 pm5:00 pm
    Cask Tapping

    Join us every Wednesday at 3 pm for the tapping of a new cask!

Andrew Morris Band - TBC